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Inspired by Jersey and Nutmeg

In 2013, our lives were enriched beyond measure when we became owned by a Miniature Pinscher puppy. We named her Jersey. In 2014, we welcomed Nutmeg into the pack.

Having the love of two dogs is a blessing that is constantly evolving in scope, responsibility and joy. We found it cumbersome to go for walks and efficiently transport treats, toys, leashes, even keys and phones. Sometimes, carrying a purse is clumsy, and opening it up to find a stash of poop bags visible (new ones, of course), can be awkward and inappropriate.

So, we came up with the idea to create an efficient and fun way to carry Jersey and Nutmeg's essential and favorite gear: the Puppy Duffle

Puppy Duffles are 100% cotton, reversible, draw-string duffles that are HAND CRAFTED on PEI using dog and puppy themed fabric. The small ones will accommodate a quart sized Zip-loc freezer bag, the larger ones will accommodate a gallon sized zip-loc bag. Using Zip-locs is a great way to keep your beloved's favorite treats fresh... Add a favorite toy, bone or leash and you have an easy travel bag to bring to the vet, the park, or an impromptu road trip. Having everything in one place, ensures that your pet is prepared and ready to go anywhere you are!

To purchase our Puppy Duffles directly, visit our Etsy shop!