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In the winter of 2013, a project started out as a personal challenge for Deb: could she take a photograph and then develop an interpretation of that image SOLELY in fabric...

Here is that image of the dunes between Dalvay Beach and Covehead:

Here is the finished fabricscape: the image expressed solely in fabric. It is in a shadow box and ready to be taken home and lovingly displayed.

This has lead to a collection of images and items that one will delight in finding all across Prince Edward Island... Each fabricscape is HANDCRAFTED on PEI. No 2 are the same!

Laundry Day
Finished Size: 8 X 10 
Matted and Ready to Frame
Price: $50.00

One of the simple joys of Island living is being able to hang laundry on the line to dry, even though there is STILL a law on the books that says it is illegal to do this on Sunday... 

Love on the Line
Finished Size: 8 X 10 
Matted and ready to Frame
Price: $50.00

Our good friend Cathy really enjoyed the clothesline idea so much, she asked if I could make one for her with the theme of love... So, the sleeve of the man's shirt is being blown across the waist of his sweetheart's dress...

Island Tartan
Finished Size: 8 X 10 Matted
Price: $20.00

Special for the 2014 Sesquicentennial celebration of the Charlottetown Conference that led to Confederation... We used 100% wool Island Tartan to craft these. No two are the same. Matted in a variety of colors and ready to frame!

To purchase our fabricscapes directly, visit our Etsy shop!

PEI Pantry (Large),
Finished Size: 8 X 10 shadowbox
Price: $30.00

Every fall, kitchens all across Prince Edward Island get busy putting up preserves. Our PEI Pantry line is stocked ONLY with what we grow here on the Island: Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Garlic and Cucumbers. 

Strawberries    Blueberries      Garlic              Cucumbers