PEI Postcards - See the Island through the eyes of a local...

PEI Postcards wants to partner with your business to offer wonderful reminders of your customers' time on PEI. Our work captures and is inspired by the natural beauty of the Island we love. We are honored when visitors choose them as a wonderful reminder of their stay.

We have a broad range of beautiful vistas from all over the province: ready to be framed, mailed to friends or displayed on a wall... Increase the sales and raise the quality of products that YOUR customers will purchase and enjoy. 

Our wholesale product offerings include:
• Postcards                  
• Magnets                  
• Note Cards             

Having inventory on hand is easy and convenient. Ordering can be done on the phone, via Email or in person: whatever suits your business best! 

We can develop a product line suitable for your customers: we'll help you sell more items to more people!

In the winter of 2013, a project that began as a personal challenge, has evolved into an entire line of quality handcrafted glimpses into life on Prince Edward Island. We call them Fabricscapes 

Also in 2013, we were adopted by two Miniature Pinschers. Life with Jersey and Nutmeg inspired us to create and LOVE our

We enjoy the opportunity to create custom Laundry Day pieces for you using fabric from a shirt or pants that belonged to a member of your family. Or a custom Puppy Duffle using fabric that you select (perhaps a favorite sport team).